• July 7, 2021

A canopy of stars over the Ozark Trail canopy

A canopy over the OZARK TRAIL canopy has given rise to an unlikely internet sensation.

A local woman found a picture of a tree covered in stars that appeared to have been made by a tree that had died.

The tree is a native to northern NSW, but is thought to have become extinct about 150 years ago.

“I was very excited to see this, but the more I looked at it the more confused I became,” said Julia O’Sullivan, who has lived in the area for more than 20 years.

“It looked like a tree with dead branches and it was covered in lots of stars.”

It was the result of an accident when a tree fell on the tree’s canopy.

Julia O’tSullivan with her friend at the Ozarks Trail canopy site.

Photo: Supplied Ms O’ Sullivan said it was difficult to know what the tree was doing because it had been sitting in the field for years.

She discovered the tree had died in the past, and said it had fallen on a large number of trees in the OzARK TRAP area.

“You have the chance to see a lot of stars, so it’s a nice place to see them,” she said.

“And it’s quite a neat place.”

Ms O’t Sullivan said the area was well known as a place to watch the Milky Way pass through the night sky, and that it was the only place in the region where she could find a tree without seeing it die.

The OzARK Trail is a two-kilometre section of trail that crosses Ozark National Park.

It is about 50 metres long and stretches from Lake Keldern to the Osprey Bridge.

“The tree looked like it was going to be a tree, it looked dead and lifeless,” she explained.

“But it was just so beautiful, it just had all these stars and it looked so majestic.”

Ms Pemberton said she was surprised to see it and thought she had found an amazing tree.

“That was the first thing that came to my mind, that’s amazing,” she told ABC News.

“So I started to do some research and found out the legend behind it.”

She said she knew there was a legend about trees dying on the OzAD Trail, but said she had never heard of the tree being alive.

“We’re very lucky to have it,” she added.

The Tree of Life is not the only tree in the park that has appeared to live on.

“There’s a huge variety of trees, some with a lot more stars on them than others, and it’s all in the parks and the bushland that we visit, so the OzAMark Trail is just one of them.”

A spokesperson for the OzAZ Trail said the trees were “natural, native, and protected” and the OzANZARK Trail had also received the same treatment.