• July 16, 2021

A new canopy tent for the COLEMAN COLEMONT COLEMETIC tent

COLE METIC tent in downtown Atlanta is looking like a living room for the Colemans, who have been renovating it for a couple of years.

It’s been transformed into an outdoor living room with seating for 50, a TV, and a kitchenette.

Colemens owner Chris Cooper said they’ve been saving up to rent a new tent from the roof deck and then building a new one.

They’ve gotten a lot of compliments, Cooper said.

The tent is about the size of a deck chair.

Colemetic is an indoor-outdoor tent, meaning it sits atop a foundation of wood and tarps that help it hold water and keep it dry.

He said the tent is also made of recycled materials.

The colemans also plan to add more space on the ground floor.

Cooper said he was looking for a tent that could hold 50 people comfortably.

He has been building new tent and has been getting great feedback, Cooper added.

The Colemains started renovating the tent after the Colegmans saw that the Colemonts outdoor patio was being razed.

They took the tent out and installed a new deck with a patio, a balcony, and additional seating.

The canopy tent is made of tarps, and the Colecters said they plan to upgrade to a wood and fiberglass version.

The patio and balcony will also be available for rent, Cooper says.

The outdoor patio and the balcony are currently being renovated.

Cooper is also working on a larger outdoor patio with seating that is part of a larger structure that includes a house, a hotel, and parking lots.

Cooper has a vision for a new outdoor patio for the entire Colemins property.

Cooper told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he hopes to have the patio open by the end of the year.