• August 22, 2021

Canopy Swing Cover for the Gothic Umbrella

Gardeners in Scotland are going to need new canopy covers for their canopy garden beds after two-year-old plants fell into a lake and killed one of them.

A woman and her two-month-old baby were found dead in a nearby field, with a hole in the canopy covering the baby’s body, Scotland’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (DAAR) said on Tuesday.

“The cause of death is unknown but we are concerned about the potential for any further growth of the plants in the area,” a spokesperson said.

In February, a baby boy fell into the lake and died, causing a public outcry.

A new canopy covering was introduced in June, with an additional canopy covering added in October.

Gardening in Scotland has been plagued by water pollution and poor drainage, particularly in rural areas.

The canopy covers have been installed to reduce water pollution from plants growing close to the surface.

The new canopy cover has been approved by the Scottish Government and will be rolled out across Scotland by the end of this year.