• July 6, 2021

Ceiling Fittings to replace canopy covers at Colemans in Seattle

Ceiling fittings will replace canopy cover in a new ceiling at the Colemins shopping center in Seattle, where a similar canopy cover has failed, The Seattle Times reported Wednesday.

The canopy cover will be replaced with a new canopy fitting with a different pattern, the paper reported.

Colemans said the canopy fit will have a unique pattern to allow for better airflow and airflow through the canopy, which will also be more effective in preventing condensation.

Ceiling fitties are being developed by a subcontractor for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Seattle’s largest mall has a canopy cover that will be removed on Monday to make way for a new, more efficient system.

More: Seattle mall canopy cover to be removed after 1,200 yearsThe Colemens center, which opened in 1917, is located in the former U.N. school at the corner of Third Avenue Northeast and Southlake Boulevard.

The mall was designed by architect Thomas H. Colemack Jr. Coleman was the first company to install a canopy canopy cover on a building.

The Colemans, who are owned by the company that built the shopping center, said in a statement that they are very pleased to be working with the city of Seattle and the Department of Ecology to help them keep the building’s canopy cover intact.

Earlier this year, Seattle officials said they were working on a solution to the canopy cover issue, which has forced a number of other Seattle malls to remove canopy covers in recent years.

In February, the Colems decided to retire the canopy canopy after more than a decade in business.