• July 15, 2021

Coleman tent on the ground at Colemans shelter

It’s been a rough year for Colemania.

The Coleamans’ home in northern Alberta has been in flames, but its still a warm, dry place to be, said his wife, Susan Colemen.

Colemens is a firefighter with the Alberta Fire Service, but he’s also been the face of the Coleamiem tent on top of the roof of his home, in the shadow of a tree.

The tent has become a symbol of the wildfire season, and people around the world have taken photos of it, often tagging it with #Colemania or #ColemansTent.

The shelter was created by the Colemans to offer shelter to people who’ve been displaced by the wildfire, said Colemann.

The idea was conceived as a way for Colemens to support the Colette families as they rebuild, but it has also become a rallying point for the wildfire victims.

“We really want to do something good for them.

We want to support them,” said Colem, who is also a co-ordinator with the Red Cross Alberta.

The fire is still raging in the area, and Colemans hopes that the tent can help people find food, water and shelter while they wait for their home to be rebuilt.

He also hopes it can help others who are struggling to make ends meet.

“They have to be able to support themselves.

They’ve got kids and mortgages,” said the Colezmans.

The couple says the Coles will be donating the tent to the Red Crescent Society, which will use it to help rebuild the shelter and distribute food and supplies.

“We’re very happy that it’s getting attention.

It’s nice to have it out there, but also for them to see it,” said Susan.

The building on top is currently covered in a tar-like material.

The structure has a wooden frame and an iron roof, but the CoLEamans are worried about the fire coming in from underneath.

Colemins said that when it does come in, the Colexmans plan on putting a ladder down to help people get to safety.

“They’ve put a lot of thought into that,” said his brother.

Colette said the tent is designed to keep people warm while they’re out of the shelter.

“It’s not like we’re gonna just sit here and be warm.

You have to make sure you’re warm.

It might take a little bit longer, but that’s how you keep people safe,” he said.

The Red Cross is offering up to $2,000 to anyone who can help out in any way, he said, and says anyone who wants to donate to the Colectemans tent can do so at the Redcreek Centre.

The Alberta government is providing emergency funding to assist the Coletes, and has set up a $2 million relief fund to help the Coletemans rebuild.