• August 4, 2021

‘Halloween’ tent on Walmart is haunted by creepy ghosts

“Halloween” tent on Wal-Mart has become a haunt for creepy ghosts.

The company announced this week that it is putting up a new tent on the property in an effort to attract more customers to its flagship store.

The giant canopy tent is a new addition to the store, which was purchased by Walmart in 2017.

“Hobbes” The “Hobs” are one of the characters in the “The Simpsons” animated series, and are featured on the front of the tent in the first episode.

The campground also featured a “Hobo’s Curse” in the episode “Homer’s Odyssey.”

The tent is described on the company’s website as a haunted attraction.

The “hobbes tent” at the Wal-mart store in Walnut Creek, California.

It is a haunted exhibit at the store that features haunted items.

The store’s manager, Matt Loomis, said he was inspired to put up the tent by the “HOBbes Curse” from the TV show.

“Theres a story behind that, the story behind this tent, which I cant say exactly what its for, but its not just an old house.

It’s a haunted house, it has haunted furniture, haunted animals, it’s haunted animals and it’s a lot of things,” he said.

Loomas added that it has a ghost of a woman who lives inside it.

“And so it has that haunted feeling.

And so I wanted to do something that would be more real than that, and theres an experience that comes through there that you dont know, that is really exciting for me,” he told ABC News.

“So theres a lot going on inside that tent.

And it’s really cool.

It feels real.”

“Honeymooners” At the center of the “honeymoon” is the giant tent that sits next to the Sears “Bag Shop” for guests to store their belongings.

It was featured in the 2017 episode “The Horseshoe” where the company offered free camping and food for people who stayed for a full week.

The tent was described on a Facebook post by the store as a ghost town.

“As the weather changes, and as our guests get more and more excited, the ‘Honeymoons’ ghost of the ‘BagShop’ will show up and haunt you for the next few weeks, bringing with it a host of items for your enjoyment,” it read.

“Whether you are new to the town or just a visitor to town, this ‘Hoosier Ghost Campground’ is the place to go!”

The “Bagshop” The giant tent on Halloween is located next to Sears’ “Baguette” store in downtown Chicago.

The Halloween event also features a haunted fire pit.

Lomas said the “Bats’ Pit” was one of many haunted attractions at the Sears store.

“We had a fire pit in the basement of the store,” he explained.

“It was the perfect place for our guests to take a break from all of the other activities that are going on around the store.”

“We were in the middle of all of this excitement and we had a little girl with us,” he continued.

“She came in and started crying, and she ran out of the place.

And the next thing I knew, she was on a ledge and the kids were trying to get her off, and we were able to help her and we ran to the fire pit and tried to get to her, but she fell and got injured.”

Loomens said that the experience was not just for kids.

“They have a really scary fire pit here that is very haunted,” he added.

“But they are also very young and they dont know the rules, and they cant handle it.”

“The Ghost of a Woman” is a ghost that haunts the store’s basement.

It has been known to jump out of a window and chase guests.

“At the end of the night, when the fire is going, the woman is standing right behind you.

She has her hands on her hips and she is saying, ‘What are you doing here?’

And you dont realize what you are doing until it’s too late.”

The store has also made efforts to attract younger shoppers with special events like a Halloween party and Halloween crafts.

“There’s a bunch of activities going on that are geared towards young kids, so we are doing a lot to try to get them here,” Loomans told ABC affiliate WGN.

“Because they are more apt to be more interested in seeing something that is different and new, than just a big store.”

The “Sears Halloween Adventure” has also had success attracting young people to the campground.

“If you are 15 or younger, it is a great experience,” Lomans said.

“For older people, you may not be able to do this, but you can do this and be able interact with