• July 26, 2021

‘Halloween’ will be ‘Holidays With Kids’ as children return to school this fall

The holiday season will be remembered this fall with new Halloween events at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and in schools across the state.

According to a release from the Santa Cruz County Public Schools, a total of 20 school districts across the county will offer special events and activities on Halloween.

The events will include a Halloween party with live music, face painting, face mask, pumpkin decorating and more.

Santa Cruz Public Schools Superintendent Dan Lefebvre said that all students will be encouraged to dress up and make their Halloween plans ahead of time.

The calendars will be released on Oct. 28.””

We have also worked to develop the Santa Clara Valley Schools Community Halloween Event Calendar that includes activities for kids ages 4 to 12.

The calendars will be released on Oct. 28.”

Lefevrare said that in order to create a “Halloween with Kids” experience, the district is introducing a “Santa Clara Valley Halloween Party” to coincide with the event.

He said the event will take place in the same location where the Halloween party is being held and will feature a live music and face painting session.

“The party is a chance for families to get together and make a plan and get ready for the festivities that are expected to take place this fall,” Lefemere said.

Lefebre said the district has had success with other Halloween events and has not seen a drop in attendance.

He added that the district will work with community organizations and community groups to create Halloween-related activities that will be available to all students and families.

Santa Clara County Public School Board Chair, Dr. Nancy Smith, also thanked the community and students for their support.

“This is just the beginning,” Smith said.

“As the years go by, I expect to see Santa Clara County Schools become more of a Halloween destination.

I think Santa Clara is ready to celebrate the holiday season with kids, parents, staff and all those who love to spend time with their families.”