• August 15, 2021

How to choose a canopy pole

More than 200 canopy poles have been donated to local councils and organisations across the state as part of a campaign to increase awareness of canopy-poles and encourage people to put down their mobile phones to use them.

Key points:Some people in Victoria have already donated over 50 canopy poles to local organisations, with a new wave of volunteers coming in the next few weeksThe state has one of the highest canopy-pole rates in the nation, but it has seen a drop in donationsIn a bid to encourage people in the bush to put their phones down, the Department of Primary Industries has been handing out free canopy poles on roads, footpaths and parkland to people to use during the peak bushfire season.

Key Points:Some in Victoria are already donating over 50 poles to their local organisationsThe department says that while the number of poles handed out is increasing, it has noticed a slight decline in donations in recent weeksThe NSW Department of Conservation and Parks has also started handing out canopy poles in its parks and conservation areas, with volunteers having donated a total of around 100.

“This is the second wave of canopy poles that have been handed out in the state.

It is really important that people know how to use canopy poles,” NSW Forest Minister David Heydon said.”

There are some people in our bush who use them and are very passionate about them.”

We know there are other people who would use them, but don’t have the same passion.

“Mr Heydons department said a further 200 volunteers are joining in to help with the campaign, with more volunteers expected to arrive later this week.”

If you’ve got a spare hour, we would be really grateful to have someone with you who can help out,” Mr Heyden said.

The new canopy poles are made from the canopy of trees and are secured by straps.

They can be used to set up temporary shelters, create canopy shelters or hang out for the night in the open air.”

You can use them in a couple of weeks or a couple weeks to three weeks.

The big thing is that they’re made out of the canopy, so if you have a really hot day, they’ll warm up pretty quickly,” Mr Shanks said.

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