• August 21, 2021

How to create a 8×8 full-frame canopy for the Nissan Frontier using a DIY build

I got to see this canopy before the final build so it was time to take it to the next level.

The process for this canopy was very simple.

The canopy is basically made of a piece of sheet metal, which was glued together with epoxy.

After that, a piece was cut out of aluminum and bolted to the front edge of the canopy.

This part was then welded together.

The front edge was then cut out with a router.

The next step was to weld the rear edge together with a welding torch.

After that, the front of the roof was made up of a layer of plastic.

This was then attached to the plastic sheet using epoxy and a router until the entire roof was complete.

The front of this roof was then glued together using epoxies and a welding knife.

Once this roof had been glued together, the canopy was attached with the epoxy backing plate.

A few bolts were then used to secure the front and rear edges.

This canopy was then bolted to its frame using screws.