• June 19, 2021

How to Make Your Own Metal Hammock

By now you’ve probably heard of the hammock.

It’s a sort of floating canopy that’s a little like a miniature hammock.

I know, I know.

But it’s the perfect canopy for your garage.

Here are the details.

The Hammocks are an easy, cheap and very effective way to create a makeshift, modular hammock for your backyard or garage.

You don’t need to buy a metal hammock, just a plastic one or a wooden one that you can drill a hole in.

You can even make a metal hammocks from scrap wood.

It doesn’t have to be a giant, heavy metal one.

Just some simple wood, maybe a few nails and some PVC pipe.

Here’s how to make one.

I made mine with a 3/4″ PVC pipe and a couple 1/2″ PVC pipes.

I used a couple of 3/16″ PVC rings and 1/8″ PVC tubing.

You’ll also need some metal nails and a few screws to make the metal hoops.

You may have to make holes in the plastic tubs or in the PVC rings for the hoops to stay attached.

You could also make the hoops out of some old PVC pipe, but I didn’t bother.

If you don’t have a metal tub, you can cut out an air duct to help you keep the hoop attached.

This is what you should do if you can’t find PVC pipes and rings.

You’re going to need two PVC pipes for each hoop, so cut out the pipe ends.

Take the two PVC rings that are part of the PVC pipe rings and cut the rings to size.

Put the PVC ring into the pipe rings.

The two PVC pipe ends will now be attached to the hoop.

Use a pair of pliers to attach the two rings to the PVC pipes with a rubber band.

This will help keep the PVC hoop in place.

Next, drill holes in either the plastic tube or PVC ring that are about the size of a small nail.

Then, put the metal hoop in the pipe with a small drill bit and a screw driver.

Use the small drill to drill a 1/4″-thick (3/8″) hole in the top of the plastic hoop.

Then push the PVC tube through the PVC tubing and into the hoop to make a 1″ (2.5 cm) hole.

Repeat the process until you have 2 1/16″-thicks (5 mm) holes in each tube.

You want to be sure to seal the PVC tubes and rings tightly with a plastic or rubber band so that the plastic hoops stay in place and don’t crack or slide around.

To attach the metal rings, drill a 3-inch (9 cm) long hole in each PVC pipe ring.

Drill a 1-inch-long hole in one of the rings and attach the plastic ring to the metal ring.

Now you’re ready to attach your metal hoop.

You will need to make several holes in PVC tubing before you can attach it.

Put a plastic sheet over the pipe that you’ll be attaching the hoop and tape it down with a piece of duct tape.

Next use the small nail you just drilled to secure the metal tubing to the pipe ring with a screwdriver.

Use some PVC tubing that you cut from your old PVC pipes to attach it to the plastic rings.

Make sure that the PVC is tight enough that the metal pipe doesn’t slip around or slide over.

Put some rubber bands around the hoop, but not too tight.

Be sure that you don`t use too much of the rubber bands because the rubber band can scratch your plastic tubing.

The hoop will stay attached to its PVC pipe until you remove the rubber ring from the PVC.

Once the hoop is removed, you should have something like this: Now that you have your metal hamocks, you’re going be able to hang them from the rafters in your garage or garage shed.

You`ll need to attach them to PVC pipes or PVC rings or whatever you`re using to hang the metal hamms.

You should be able just to hang a few hammocks at a time.

You might even want to hang one or two of them in your living room.

Now, let`s get into the next part.