• June 18, 2021

How to make your own rooftop canopy


— As the world moves toward the emergence of a new wave of green technology, many Americans are wondering how to make their own canopy.

And in some cases, they’re trying to find ways to adapt the existing canopy design.

In this episode, we’ll discuss how to construct a canopy, how to adjust the material to make it look good on a building, and how to put it together yourself.

Our guest today is HILTON, Wash., architect and canopy designer, Daniel L. Greenfield, who has worked on a number of canopy designs, including an iron canopy and an open-plan design.

HILton is also the founder of HILTIONED, a new and expanding brand of canopy design and fabrication.

We talked about the many types of canopy we saw in our trip, and some of our favorite ways to use them.

You can hear Daniel talk about his work in this episode on this site.

We also spoke with HILtons team about some of the challenges of making a canopy that’s practical and looks good.

You can listen to this episode by clicking here.

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More about HILINGTON:Hilton is the largest residential building company in the world, with offices in New York City, Singapore, London, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

Hilton owns and operates more than 3,000 buildings worldwide.

The company has nearly 3,200 employees and is ranked by Fortune as one of the world’s 500 fastest-growing companies.

Hilton’s first tower opened in New Zealand in 1990.

In 2010, the company moved to New York.

The new, taller tower is set to open in 2021.

Hiltons corporate headquarters is in New Jersey.

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