• July 14, 2021

How to protect your home from ‘unintended’ fire spread

The NSW government has introduced a new firefighting strategy to combat fires in Sydney’s CBD and south-west.

In a statement, the NSW Fire Service said the strategy was designed to ensure the safety and well-being of those working in the CBD, which is home to some of the city’s busiest buildings.

“We are introducing a new strategy that will ensure the firefighters are prepared to deal with any fires in the area and are trained in their duties, the statement read.”

This will also ensure the environment is safe and conducive for the firefighters and their families to enjoy the great outdoors.

“The strategy also includes: Fire-fighting crews will be able to use water cannons to control fire spread, instead of hand-held water guns, as they are currently used in the north-west and south of the state.

This will help reduce the risk of more destructive fires being ignited by the flow of water.

Water cannons can also be used to extinguish flames in the same way as hand-washing, and the use of smoke alarms will be banned in the city.

Firefighters will also be required to wear a mask and a vest.”

A fire-fighting vehicle equipped with a water-resistance headgear and a smoke-detection vest will be issued,” the statement said.

Fire engines will also have access to firefighting equipment such as water jets, a hosepipe and a portable sprinkler system.

Newspapers will be required for safety and media outlets will also need a permit to use the network.

The fire service said the new strategy will not affect current operations in the state, although some areas are still subject to a “fire ban”.

The NSW Fire Brigade is working closely with the NSW Department of Fire and Emergency Services to implement the new fire-resilience strategy.

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