• July 19, 2021

Quik shade tent rental online for sale in South Africa

Quik, the world’s largest shade canopy rental company, has announced a partnership with South African-based rental company Quik Shade.

The Quik and Quik Shadow brands have been in the same family since 1988, when the Quik umbrella company was founded by the brothers Michael and David Quik.

The companies have recently teamed up to offer shade tents for rent.

In an interview with The Next Home, Michael Quik said, “This partnership gives us the opportunity to offer the most affordable and stylish shade tents available in South African cities.” 

The Quickshade tents are currently available for rent at two locations, at Rent A Shade in Gauteng and Qik Shade in Johannesburg. 

According to Michael Quickshire, the Quicks Shade tents are available for a three month rental period, with the rental period ending on February 15. 

“We are working closely with our partner and rental company to bring you the best Quik shades for rent and we hope to offer more to our customers in the future,” he said. 

The new Quik Shades are available in two colours: Black and White. 

For more information about rental services, visit the Quixotic Homepage. 

This article first appeared on The NextHome blog.