• July 3, 2021

Why is the G20 summit so packed?

Lowes has been selling canopy tents at the summit of the G7 summit in Sochi, Russia for about a year.The company has sold about 10,000 of the tent kits in total, but only about 1,000 have been sold since January.This weekend’s G20 meeting comes as many people have started to make the switch to more…

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Which gender pronouns should we use?

In recent years, many people have adopted the pronoun “they” or “them” when speaking to a partner.They can also be more casual when speaking about a person, like, “Oh, I love you,” or, “I love you too.”However, many prefer the pronoun they or them pronouns, as opposed to their gender-neutral alternatives, “they,” “they/them,” and “they’re.”However…

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