• September 16, 2021

When it comes to the boat canopy, the sun canopy is not your best bet

When it came to solar panels, boat roofs, solar water heaters and solar energy, boat roofing was your best hope.And now, with the introduction of the first of its kind solar boat canopy for the new 2019 model year, Caravana is bringing its innovative solar boat roof to the market.Caravana says it has produced an…

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Which is better: a canopy tent or a crane?

Costco is offering a tent for rent in a costco shop, while the company is making a crane for use in the National Mall.Costco is introducing a new canopy tent for use at the National Park Service headquarters, the Washington Post reports.The new canopy tents will be available for rent at costco.com starting in January.The…

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‘Theres a new home for my garage canopy’: Costco opens new store in Australia

AUSTRALIA’S new “Costco in Australia” will open its first store in the country’s capital tomorrow (AEST), following a $50 million investment from the US company.The store, located in the busy CBD, is being built in partnership with Carport Australia and will be open on January 16, 2018.“This is a major investment for our business in…

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