• September 11, 2021

A canopy bed curtains that you can fold for cheap

A canopy beds curtains are becoming a popular item in the home decor industry.And now, a company is offering a similar style for the budget conscious.A company called Coleman Screening is offering curtains for the price of a single couch, and it looks a lot like a couch you might see at a bed and…

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How to get cheap canopy fittings from Amazon

There are two kinds of canopy fitters available on Amazon.One is a “large canopy” tent, which comes with two seats and two side panels.The other is a tent with two tents, one of which has a roof and two sides.Amazon’s cheapest canopy tent has a price tag of just $59.99, and Amazon’s cheaper “large” canopy…

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Netflix has the perfect show to save the world from climate change

Netflix has created a new series about a young girl who, after surviving a nuclear war, finds that a new world order is better for her than her own.“The Handmaid’s Tale,” written and directed by Sarah Polley, premieres on the streaming service on April 19.It’s the latest in a series of new series created by…

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