• August 6, 2021

How to put the Princess canopy in your carseat

In a world where car seats are now common, the idea of putting a canopy in a car seat is a lot more appealing than it used to be.And with the arrival of Princess seats, the car seat canopy is also more popular.The idea of using a canopy to keep the princess away is a…

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A canopy of stars over the Ozark Trail canopy

A canopy over the OZARK TRAIL canopy has given rise to an unlikely internet sensation.A local woman found a picture of a tree covered in stars that appeared to have been made by a tree that had died.The tree is a native to northern NSW, but is thought to have become extinct about 150 years…

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How to make a ‘gazey’ replacement canopy for your new tree

In many places around the world, trees are falling victim to invasive species, or, more simply, they’re being overtaken by them.But there are ways to restore the beauty and health of a tree without having to replace it.In Australia, a small town in northern Queensland is using the canopy oaks as a springboard to raise…

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