• September 17, 2021

The Lad, the world’s first baby canopy, has been born

Posted October 01, 2018 04:30:17The world’s most advanced canopy, The Lad is a 3D printed, airtight, baby canopy that can be placed in an out-of-the-way location and is safe to be placed anywhere.The world-first baby canopy is now being tested in Australia, and will soon be rolled out to other countries.“I think the most important…

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Why I want to buy a Pop Up Roof for my house

The new Pop Up canopy for sale at Costco is designed to be a one-stop shop for canopy installation.I was able to snag one for my condo for about $100 on sale.And with some help from Costco, I can add a canopy to my new garage door.I also had the option to buy one from…

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