• July 13, 2021

The most expensive outdoor canopy cover in Canada is on sale in Canada

Amazon’s “Canopy Cover” is available in Canada at $99 for the “gazebos” option and $69 for the outside canopy.The cover is also available in a “lowes” option.A “low” canopy cover is not included with the Amazon canopy.This is an example of Amazon’s outdoor canopy, which is available for $99 per “gazzo” cover.(Amazon) The Amazon canopy…

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Why the Trump administration may not be able to save Trump-era home insulation subsidies

The federal government may have a problem with one of the main sources of federal insulation funding, but it appears to have other problems as well.The Trump administration is considering a plan to stop the subsidy, but a House Democrat is warning the administration may be in for a rough time.House Democrats are urging the…

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