• August 15, 2021

Twin Canopy Bed, Twin Canopi Bed and the Giant Dwarf Giant: A Giant Dwarf Dinosaur’s Dream?

Twin canopy beds are a popular sleeping arrangement for big dinosaurs.

For instance, Tyrannosaurus rex, a member of the family of carnivorous dinosaurs, would sometimes have twin canopy beds.

However, the bed of the giant dinosaur T. rex was not built as a twin canopy.

Instead, T. regidus had to use a single canopy bed that he could then crawl up and over.

The bed of this giant was covered in feathers.

This discovery provides the first evidence that the giant T. Regidus was a quadrupedal dinosaur.

It was also the first terrestrial giant to have a giant canopy bed.

This study is a collaboration of researchers from the Museum of Paleontology, The University of Edinburgh, the University of Oxford, and The Natural History Museum of Denmark.

The work was supported by the Natural History Foundation of Denmark and the Danish Science Foundation.

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