• September 30, 2021

Umbrella car wash opens in Naples

Umbrella Car Wash is open in Naples and will be providing the car wash service to residents with their first car wash after the state government cut funding to it in May.

The car wash, which is located on the 1st floor of the Hotel dei Marzoni in the city’s Rialto district, has already been offered to residents in the last few months.

It will now be offering the same service to those with a second car wash in the coming weeks.

The service, which costs around €100, will be offered to people who are looking for a car wash to wash their car in, as well as those who are planning to rent a vehicle.

“It is a very popular service and we are proud to offer it in our new building,” Umbrella’s owner, Stefano Giannini, said.

“We will be offering it to residents who are in need and also those who wish to rent the vehicle in order to take care of the repairs.”

The service is available for all Italian-born people with a car, with the first customer receiving a washing kit and gloves, and those who have a car to clean.

It is currently available to rent for €100 a month.

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