• August 2, 2021

‘We are the best in the world’: ‘We were at the top of the world’

When you think of the best of the U.S. military, you think you’re talking about the Air Force, Navy, and Marines.

You might think of them as the best.

But the truth is the Air National Guard and the Marine Corps have been at the forefront of America’s global power, and their contributions are no longer in question.

We are now the top-ranked military in the entire world, and it’s because of the contributions of our members, according to a new report.

The United States has been the top military power in the history of the planet.

This is the truth.

According to the Global Military Monitor, the United States is now the third-largest military force in the United Nations system, after the United Kingdom and Russia.

And according to the Pentagon, its military is responsible for the deaths of an estimated 1.6 million people in the last year alone.

The report, compiled by the RAND Corporation and published this week, makes this claim for the first time.

Its not just the military that is at the center of our military power.

We are also the best military in world history.

In fact, we are the number one military power at any time, according the report.

The United States of America is a force multiplier, and we have the largest military in history, according its author, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

Our military is now unmatched in history.

The U.N. has seen its own share of wars and crises, but none of them were bigger than those that the U,S.

has been engaged in in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and the Middle East.

For example, our military has been fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) for years, but its not only in the Middle Eastern region that our military is capable of taking down ISIL.

America’s top military is making great strides in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has been decimated.

The Afghan army is in disarray.

But in a year-and-a-half, the U.-S.

partnership in Afghanistan has grown from 50,000 troops to more than 500,000.

This has helped the Afghan military develop a robust military that has successfully fought back the Taliban in the country’s longest war.

Despite these accomplishments, our war-fighting prowess is only matched by our military’s global reach.

It’s because the U-S.

is the world’s leader in military technology that our global reach has reached all corners of the globe.

From China to Africa to India, the world is watching America’s military.

To be sure, the Pentagon and its allies are making great progress in other parts of the global order, like counter-terrorism and the fight against ISIS.

But they have also made huge strides in other regions, including Africa and Asia.

For example, we have an aggressive U.K. military in Africa, and a strong and growing China-led military presence in the region.

That said, we need to recognize the fact that we are not the only ones who can win this war.

We have an ally in China, the second-largest economy in the planet, and another in India, which has more than 100 million people.

We can also count on the support of India’s growing nuclear arsenal, which is growing at an incredible pace.

At the same time, we can count on allies like France and Germany, which are growing militarily at a rate that is unmatched in the developed world.

They are also fighting a global war of choice that will last a decade or more.

And while they have a military built for war, they are also making significant contributions to the international economy, both through economic sanctions and through their efforts to help fight poverty.

As the global military continues to expand and shape our world, the question is not whether we can achieve victory, but how well do we win it.