• July 7, 2021

What to know about the Gazebo Tower canopy tent


(AP) A tent for the roof of a gazebos central tower has become a hot topic for the thousands of residents in the Virginia capital.

A few years ago, some residents complained about the tent being uncomfortable and unsanitary.

And the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority says the tower tent has been a major issue in recent months, even before the current fire.

In response to complaints, WMAA has decided to replace the canopy tent with a new one that will be approved by a city council panel.

The original canopy tent was installed in 2012.

The tower tent was also installed last year, but the first tent burned last month.

The new tent will be installed later this month.

A spokesperson for the WMAA told The Associated Press it is aware of the concerns about the canopy and will work to fix it.