• September 16, 2021

When it comes to the boat canopy, the sun canopy is not your best bet

When it came to solar panels, boat roofs, solar water heaters and solar energy, boat roofing was your best hope.

And now, with the introduction of the first of its kind solar boat canopy for the new 2019 model year, Caravana is bringing its innovative solar boat roof to the market.

Caravana says it has produced an ‘ideal boat canopy’ for the 2019 model, which it hopes will appeal to people with boat-sized homes.

“We’ve taken the same principles and designs that have been developed in the boats industry and combined them with the new technology to create the perfect boat roof for those wanting to take advantage of the sun’s warmth and solar’s low cost,” says Caravanas managing director Mark Williams.

It is not just the boat itself that has been redesigned for the boat-size homes.

The canopy is also a fully integrated solar panel, meaning that it is connected to the grid by a network of solar cells.

Caravas chief executive, Paul Williams, says the canopy’s modularity has made it possible to make it modular, meaning there is no need to install multiple components.

Mr Williams says the first boat to use the canopy was a small family home in Adelaide, and its use in this home is being monitored closely by the Bureau of Meteorology.

“It has been a real success, but the boat roof is just as important for this home as the solar panel is for the home,” Mr Williams says.

“The boat is an iconic symbol of the state, but it’s also home to a number of other organisations who are all very passionate about sustainability.”

The boat roof will be available in two different sizes, a 14 foot by 10 foot model and a 16 foot by 6 foot model, with a price point of $5,000.

For those interested in taking advantage of a more practical, sustainable option, Caravanavana has also developed a new solar water heater and solar heating system.

The solar water heating system uses a battery to heat water, while the solar heating water system uses solar panels.

In terms of technology, Carvana says the solar water and solar heaters are both based on a new and improved solar panel that is 3 times stronger than the previous generation.

As well as offering boat-scale solar energy for those living in larger boats, Carvas also has plans to offer solar water cooling for those wishing to get on board with the solar heat.

A pilot program will be rolled out in the new year.

But there is one catch.

The new solar boat solar heating systems will not be able to produce electricity from solar panels directly to your home, but must be connected to a grid to be charged.

Carravana hopes the pilot program can be rolled into a larger program, but admits it will be a long way off.

If you’re a boat owner looking to buy a solar boat, you can find the best solar boat products here.