• August 24, 2021

Which is better: a canopy tent or a crane?

Costco is offering a tent for rent in a costco shop, while the company is making a crane for use in the National Mall.

Costco is introducing a new canopy tent for use at the National Park Service headquarters, the Washington Post reports.

The new canopy tents will be available for rent at costco.com starting in January.

The company is also introducing a crane that will be used for building the new $1.2 billion National Mall, according to The Post.

The new canopy costcos tent will have a footprint of 10 square feet and can accommodate a maximum of six people, and cost $99 per person.

Costco says the canopy tent can be set up in a number of ways, including with a roof rack and with a side wall.

It can be raised, lowered, or bolted down, and it can also be folded into its own tent.

The company said that the canopy tents are also available for rental through the company’s retail stores and at the costco locations.

Costly.com has launched a “free canopy tent” program in the city of Washington, and a new program in Los Angeles, where costco is expanding its supply of canopy tents.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the free canopy tents cost about $70 per person and that the new program will have another 10 locations opening up, including in San Francisco, Boston, and Los Angeles.