• September 26, 2021

Why the big costco deals aren’t working for everyone

As more and more retailers try to sell their big-ticket items in the fall, the costco landscape is beginning to shift from being a “store first” environment to a “home-grown” environment.

That means, as the industry adjusts to the “shopping” trend, the retail landscape is changing from the traditional model of retailers in one location, which means some big-name retailers have shifted their focus from the “big-box” category to the home-grown category. 

A number of retailers, including Walmart, Target, Kohl’s and Staples, have been expanding their offerings in the homegrown category, with more and bigger categories of items such as furniture, home improvement, home decor, clothing and even baby clothes, to name a few.

But there’s one big exception to the trend: Home Depot.

“I think it’s going to be the same as the way we’ve always done things,” said Scott Schaffer, senior vice president of retail at Home Depot, adding that the company has “been building out our product offerings in a way that we’re really excited about.”

The retailer’s goal is to reach its full potential in the “homegrown” category, where its product offerings span everything from clothes to kitchen accessories.

And it is doing so by creating products that are focused on its home-based brands and “our brand’s best qualities,” Schaffer said. 

“That’s a lot of what our stores are all about,” he said.

“We really focus on our brands in the ‘homegrown’ category and we’re very focused on bringing the best in home-made products to our customers,” he added.

While Home Depot has not announced any plans to expand its homegrown products, the retailer is certainly working to expand into other categories, like clothes and home decor.

“Home-grown has been really our focus,” Schaff said.

“We think we have a great portfolio there.” 

Home Depot will begin rolling out its “Homegrown” clothing line this fall, with the company already selling several categories of clothing under the “Home” tag.

Home Depot’s “Homemade” clothing collection will include more than 3,000 items, including items made with sustainable materials, recycled fabric and natural fabrics.

The retailer will also start selling a line of accessories called “Home Made” for women and children, which includes products made with organic materials, compostable and sustainable materials and “free-range” products. 

As part of the “Housegrown” brand, Home Depot will offer a range of products to its customers, including home furnishings, home furnishies, furniture and accessories. 

In addition to the clothing line, the company is working on its Homegrown and Homegrown Furniture collection.

Homegrown furniture is a collection of home decor and other home furnishments designed with sustainability in mind.

Homegrown furniture will be available for the first time in stores and online starting in November. 

 In a separate announcement, Homegrown, HomeMade and Homemade Furniture will be sold through Home Depot stores and Home Depot online in select markets. 

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